Terms & Conditions :

Agreement between BurjTouch and business or individual the following terms and conditions apply to the client/individual.

General Work Agreement

The terms and conditions of our business partnership are outlined in this document. All services that BurjTouch (hereinafter “BoxBrownie.com,” “we,” or “us”) may be contracted to create or provide for you (hereinafter “you,” or “the client,”) will be governed by the following:


However, sometimes it’s nice to have a few things in writing so that we both know what’s what, who should do what, and what happens if things go wrong. We will always try our best to fulfil your demands and achieve your goals. You won’t find any obscure legalese or lengthy, illegible material in this contract. We don’t want to manipulate you into making a decision that you could later regret. We genuinely desire what’s best for the present and long-term security of both parties.